Hotel Hvězda, Pec pod Sněžkou - history

Up to 1907 only four simple cottages of mountain farmers, who made hay at the undeveloped Malá Pláň, stood along Zelený potok in the area between today´s bus station and the parking lot of the same name. Hotel Hvězda, which was built in 1907 by Stephen Meergansen under the name Frühlingsheim – Spring Home, was the first new building for tourists on this side of Pec pod Sněžkou. The three storeys high building was considered to be quite an enterprise back then. Both frontispieces and the front buttress were decorated by open galleries, which were later glassed on account of harsh weather conditions, and which increased the building´s di­mensions. The tavern located on the timbered ground floor has been operating continuously for over ninety years and it has preserved its original appearance. Tourism and especially the skiing business came to a halt during World War I and business came back only after 1923 along with construction work along Zelený potok. Within 4 years ten houses were built or completely reconstructed along the dusty road from 1928 –1931. More houses were built before World War II. This created the only and hence Main Street. After 1938 construction stopped for 50 years and new houses could only be built after 1989

Hotel Hvězda

Hotel Hvězda
tel.: +420 722 702 111

Pec pod Sněžkou 193
542 21 Pec pod Sněžkou
IČ: 75973201
DIČ: CZ7552133589
Daily 8.00-22.00.